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Anatolia Travel Services has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey as an agency to apply for visas for the Republic of Turkey in Pakistan. Anatolia started its visa operations in Pakistan on 15.07.2019.

Initially, we had only one visa application center in Islamabad. However, due to rapid growth and encouraging response from visa applicants, Anatolia has 8 visa application centers across Pakistan in less than two years. Anatolia is also the exclusive visa mailbox of the Embassy/Consulate of the Turkish Republic of Pakistan. This is a testament to the confidence of the Embassy/Consulate and the applicant and the highest level of satisfaction with the service.

Anatolia Travel Service aims to become a leading brand in the field of international visa services and make the lives of passport holders easier through innovative services and pioneering initiatives. We strive to be a company that best understands the expectations of visa applicants, provides the most accurate solutions, reaches out to all segments of society with a wide range of products and services in the fastest and safest way possible, and maintains world-class standards in sustainability, determination, efficiency, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Step 1:

Or visit our visa application centers in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad.

Step 2:

Depending on the type of visa you wish to apply for, you will need to carry all the documents listed in the embassy/consulate checklist.

The online visa application form can be filled only in the Anatolian visa application center free of charge.

The passport is valid for at least 6 months (from the date of travel).

2 photos (white background) (5cm x 5cm)

Other documents and attachments are required depending on the type of visa you wish to apply for according to the embassy/consulate checklist.

Step 3

Go directly to the walk-in visa application center (over 18 years old). When you arrive at the visa application center, pick up your form and wait your turn. The token will be retrieved when you submit your visa application at the visa application counter. When applying for a visa, applicants over the age of 18 must complete an interview form by hand. However, when applying for a family visa, only one family member over the age of 18 may apply on behalf of the applicant.

Step 4

Pay the visa fee and processing fees in cash at the counter and obtain the receipt. Keep the original receipt until you receive the passport and documents from the visa application center.

Visa Fees

Pakistani nationals must pay the visa fee in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) in cash.

  • Single entry: PKR 10,000
  • Multiple Entry: PKR 44,000
  • Single Transit: PKR 10,000
  • Double Transit: PKR 20.000


If you are applying for a multiple entry visa, you will be required to purchase a one-year travel insurance policy in the amount of €30,000 or US$50,000.

Embassy and Anatolian Travel Service fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Service Fees

Pakistani nationals must pay service fees in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) in cash.

  • Regular application : PKR 6,400
  • VIP application : PKR 12,000
  • Umrah transit : PKR 6,400

VAS fee (value-added service)

Pakistani nationals must pay the VAS fee in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) in cash.

  • Premium Lounge: PKR 1,380
  • Prime Time: PKR 1,380
  • Photocopies: PKR 15
  • Photo: PKR 1.500
  • Free SMS
  • Travel insurance according to the itinerary
  • Printing: PKR 150
  • Courier service (return passport courier): PKR 2,200

Note: The above visa fees, service fees, and value-added service system fees are not refundable.


Holders of an official Pakistani (blue) passport valid for 6 months are exempt from visa requirements if their trip to Turkey is for 90 days.

Holders of an official Pakistani passport with a valid residence permit from a Schengen country, the UK, the US, or Canada can apply online for a one-month entry visa. The e-visa is valid for tourist purposes only. If you want to apply for a work or study visa, you need an official visa issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

Foreign passport holders need a Pakistani visa valid for at least 3 months.


If you are applying for a group visa, the visa application procedure remains the same, except for the personal appearance and interview. Only one representative of the company can apply for a group visa and submit the required documents. However, it should be noted that a group is defined as a company that sponsors an incentive trip for its employees, franchisees, dealers, or distributors and pays for their accommodations. Families from different groups traveling together are not considered a group.

To do so, please send us a scanned copy of your company profile, company registration documents, financial documents, visa application, and list of applicants in electronic format. You must also complete the attached form.

Processing times

The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey usually takes 2-3 weeks after the visa application is submitted. However, during peak periods, it may take 4-6 weeks. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you apply for a Turkish visa at least 4 weeks prior to your departure date.

Note: If your visa application is rejected by the Embassy/Consulate, you can re-submit it after 90 days with new documents and a new visa fee and service charge.

Waiver of Liability

Applicants are required to sign an authorization form in favor of Anatolia Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd. to verify the documents submitted at the time of visa application.

If the applicant’s documents are found to be counterfeits, alterations, forgeries, or falsifications, a verification report will be submitted to the Embassy.

Anatolia Verification Department will verify supplementary documents of individual applicants from relevant issuing agencies such as financial institutions/banks, educational institutions, government agencies, parastatal organizations, regulatory agencies, associations, foreign chambers of commerce, councils, joint-stock companies (chambers of commerce, small and medium enterprises and small traders, relevant business associations in Pakistan), limited liability companies and private companies. Check this out.

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