Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business

Why your business need mobile app

Mobile applications have already reached 55% of worldwide internet users, owing to the rapid rate of digitalization. Mobile applications, in addition to social networking, lifestyle, utility, and news, have transformed the appearance of countless enterprises. There are businesses nowadays whose whole business strategy is based on mobile applications. Other businesses rely on mobile applications to […]

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What is Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app that allows users to share images and videos with their followers. Users can also choose to make their account private, which means that only people who are approved by the user can see their photos and videos. Interestingly, Instagram was originally designed as a photo-sharing app for smartphones, […]

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marketing strategy youtube


Strategic management is very necessary for the smooth and barrier-free execution of work processes. In strategic management, we need short and long-term plans required for goal accomplishment. It is a required step for functional execution.   For YouTube marketing also, we need well-planned marketing strategy youtube management. Strategic management is like a road map for […]

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