mystic monk coffee scandal

mystic monk coffee scandal


mystic monk coffee scandal The Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal – exploring the controversy

Meanwhile, in a secluded yet cosy town named Clark in the foothills of Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. There was a brewing scandal that coffee lovers and religious people could not help but notice.

This has been the biggest ethics scandal in the marketing world’s history, though it is also known as the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal. It is a story of passion, profit, and ethics. Come with us if you are willing to become acquainted with the details of this mysterious incident.

The Birth of Mystic Monk Coffee

Although we begin by looking at the main dispute, we shall return to the beginning. The Mystic Monk Coffee beverage brand is not considered simple since it traces its origin. A group of artists known as Carmelite monks, led by Br. Java (his real name), opened this gritty coffee shop to convert their passion for coffee into a profitable business supporting their religious endeavours.

We are a coffee business with our own body, Mystic Monk Coffee. It is a Benedictine monastery in the isolated mountains of Wyoming, United States. It was founded in the late 1800s by a community of Carmelite nuns. 

Here is a brief overview of the history of the Mystic Monk coffee scandal

Foundation of the Monastery: 

Mystic Monk Coffee has a dual source at the Carmelite Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the small city of Clark, Wyoming. The order was founded in 2003 with Brother Bernard (who eventually became Father Daniel Mary) as its head.

Coffee as a Fundraising Idea: 

Financially, they faced challenges related to connected issues like building management and facility expansion. Monks wanted to fulfil their family duties without abandoning their religious obligations. In search of a sustainable way to do this, they started exploring opportunities to expand their business ventures. To serve people who were not fond of coffee, the store offered the convenience of generating profits for the venturing couple.

Mystic Monk Coffee Brand:

 In 2007, the brothers of the Carmelite order started their monastery coffee shop called Mystic Monk Coffee. Thus, they started roasting high-quality coffee beans on a small scale and introduced a variety of blends and flavours. The coffee became sellable not only to their home consumers but also online through their website.

Appeal to Coffee Lovers:

 The monks used their website to support the coffee brand. Also, they utilized social media channels for coffee lovers and the people who support their monastery to communicate with them. They delve into how their coffee serving is about more than just a caffeine fix; instead, it is about their mission to pray and reflect.

Fundraising Success:

 The production of Mystic Monk Coffee has been demonstrated by not only the special origin of coffee but also the quality of the coffee beans. Furthermore, people from various parts and corners were motivated to support the monastery through their coffee drink purchases. The brand’s sales covered the costs of acquiring the land to build a new beautiful monastery in the mountains of Wyoming.

Continued Growth: 

Mystic Monk Coffee has been through many changes, including widening its product lineup, which comprises coffee blends, teas, and assorted accessories. It also maintains handcrafted coffee subscriptions with some corporate gift options.

What is Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal?

The Controversial Expansion

While this level of popularity was a major point of pride for the monks, the rising demand was an opportunity that needed to be decided upon—meeting it. It is this point (the start of the debate) that affected the regulation of media reporting and the rights of elected politicians.

They decided to expand their enterprise by buying a ranch in Wyoming overlooking those breathtaking hills. This purchase created surprise and criticism as the authenticity of the donation funds for Godliness came into question.

The Debate on Donations

While donations were one of the critical issues that caused the uproar, they also played an essential role in addressing the lack of funding for these communities. The monks collected their supporters’ charity every year to support their monastery. Moreover, religious activities were mainly involved in this charity collection.

Ultimately, the mixed feelings about the donors stemmed from the fact that once Mystic Monk Coffee grew, some donors expressed that their funds were used up to support the coffee business, which apparently would make them engage in the heated debate within the community.

Ethical Concerns

The matter also generated conflict, which was not limited to money issues. Others were unsure, though, about whether operating a coffee business was in conformity with the monastic receiving practice. Critics claimed that abbeys’ primary purpose should be spiritual prosperity and service to those who need their help, besides the commercial interest. The controversial nature of the monks’ entrepreneurship raised ethical questions.

Legal Battles

Legal cases were bound to crop up in this dilemma rich with ethics and finance. The monks discovered zoning problems, and their ranch expansion collided with environmental protectionism, which didn’t like the destruction of the immaculate Wyoming visage. Legal battles strengthened the inclemency web that enclosed the coffee controversy.

Resolving the Conflict

From continuous public criticisms and battles within the judiciary, the monks were eventually compelled to make a big decision. They hatched a plan to sell the ranch and associated activities to benefit their spiritual purpose. Such action was highly appreciated as the first one that could help address the matter and restore their relationship with their original spirituality.

Are Mystic Monk Coffee Products Still Available?


Mystic Monk Coffee’s website is the only distribution channel through which to get the products and select retailers.

From this standpoint, product availability might change in the coming time, and I can’t provide concrete information either. A visit to their official website or a look at the stores that offer Mystic Monk Coffee should be your next move if you are still determining whether Mystic Monk Coffee items are still available.

Whether you search online or contact us, ensure you always have the latest information on whether the product is in stock.


Though interesting, the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal is an evil love triangle that merges faith, coffee business, and ethics. The motion picture showed the dilemmas in doing business commercially and holding to ideologies.

At last, the ones keen on the mission decided to renounce the coffee. Which was the providential sign that they were destined to be the missionaries who were Phil, theosophically inclined.