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Top 10 Online MBA Programs for 2023

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Our 2023 Top 10 Online MBA Programs ranking is based on a combination of institutional and student survey data, including career outcomes, technological infrastructure, academic rigor, cost, and affordability, among others.


Indiana University—Bloomington Kelley School of Business

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1275 East Tenth Street, Suite 2010
Bloomington, IN 47405
United States



“Perennially ranked at the top for online MBA programs,” Indiana University Bloomington Kelly School of Business is “the only top tier program that was affordable and value-adding.” This top-ranking program offers flexible schedules, “a number of networking opportunities,


  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.39
  • Work Experience:10.0 years
  • Applicants:2,424
  • Acceptance Rate:36%
  • Average Age:33
  • Online Enrollment:1719
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$82,158
  • Average GMAT Score:679
  • Average Starting Salary:$144,246



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Kenan-Flagler Business School

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CB 3490, McColl Building
300 Kenan Center Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
United States
The distinguishing features of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School online MBA@UNC program include flexibility, a strong core curriculum, and talented professors and students.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.25
  • Work Experience:9.5 years
  • Applicants:1,196
  • Acceptance Rate:60%
  • Average Age:34
  • Online Enrollment:927
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$125,589
  • Average GMAT Score:696
  • Average Starting Salary:$152,833



University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business

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Popovich Hall Room 308
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
United States
“Convenient, prestigious, and cutting-edge” are just some of the ways students describe the online MBA program at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The academic support of USC’s MBA program is “outstanding.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.10
  • Work Experience:11.0 years
  • Applicants:234
  • Acceptance Rate:58%
  • Average Age:35
  • Online Enrollment:178
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$109,429
  • Average GMAT Score:705
  • Average Starting Salary:$189,154



Rice University – Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business

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MBA Admissions, PO Box 2932
Jones School
Houston, TX 77252
United States
Just as Rice University is praised by some as an “Ivy of the South,” so too is their MBA@Rice program seen as every bit (if not more, according to some) as prestigious as the on-campus equivalent offered by Rice’s
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.33
  • Work Experience:9.5 years
  • Applicants:344
  • Acceptance Rate:68%
  • Average Age:35
  • Online Enrollment:517
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$113,405
  • Average GMAT Score:705
  • Average Starting Salary:$131,384



Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business

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Tepper School of Business
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States
The Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Part-Time Online MBA offers students the opportunity to combine online classes with short on-site immersive “Access Weekends” held every two months at Carnegie Mellon locations throughout the United States.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.36
  • Work Experience:0.5 years
  • Applicants:193
  • Acceptance Rate:56%
  • Average Age:30
  • Online Enrollment:125
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$141,320
  • Average GMAT Score:687
  • Average Starting Salary:$134,000


University of Denver – Daniels College of Business

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2101 South University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80210
United States

The Daniels College of Business is the business college of the University of Denver, a private research university in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1908 and is the eighth-oldest business school in the United States


  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.09
  • Work Experience:9.3 years
  • Applicants:234
  • Acceptance Rate:75%
  • Average Age:35
  • Online Enrollment:250
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$83,220
  • Average GMAT Score:625
  • Average Starting Salary:$132,725



Jack Welch Management Institute

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1133 15th Street NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
United States
The Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University is a for-profit online educational institution based in the United States, owned by Strategic Education, Inc. It was founded in 2009 by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, and his wife, Suzy Welch, author and public speaker.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.17
  • Work Experience:17.3 years
  • Applicants:4,332
  • Acceptance Rate:27%
  • Average Age:42
  • Online Enrollment:1755
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$47,450
  • Average Starting Salary:$106,100


University of Nebraska—Lincoln – College of Business

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College of Business 201B
730 North 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588
United States
Address730 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588, United States


  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.45
  • Work Experience:9.4 years
  • Applicants:277
  • Acceptance Rate:80%
  • Average Age:34
  • Online Enrollment:470
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$31,200
  • Average Starting Salary:$123,650



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310 Hough Hall
P.O. Box 117152
Gainesville, FL, 32611
United States
Address1404 Union Road Hough, Hall 101, Gainesville, FL 32611, United States


Endowment$1.73 billion (2018)
The Hough Graduate School of Business is the home to the graduate business programs of the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. All programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.32
  • Work Experience:6.6 years
  • Applicants:550
  • Acceptance Rate:47%
  • Average Age:30
  • Online Enrollment:262
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$59,807
  • Average GMAT Score:682
  • Average Starting Salary:$150,506


University of Utah – Eccles School of Business

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1731 East Campus Center Drive
Suite 2250
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
United States
Located in: University of Utah
Address1655 Campus Center Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, United States
At the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, MBA Online students share the same “phenomenal” and “supportive” professors as their on-campus counterparts, but benefit from the “convenience” and “accessibility” of an entirely online format.
  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.39
  • Work Experience:8.8 years
  • Applicants:166
  • Acceptance Rate:89%
  • Average Age:33
  • Online Enrollment:238
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$67,300
  • Average GMAT Score:650
  • Average Starting Salary:$109,728

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Starting an online MBA in 2023 can help you in many ways. It can boost your career and personal growth. If you want to lead globally, combine tech and business skills, or focus on sustainable leadership, there are different programs to suit your goals. Make a smart choice, invest in your education, and set yourself up for success and influence in the changing business world.