Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose

Building Burnet condos at Rise & Rose in Richmond Hill

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The Greenpark Group planned and built the new condos at Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose. It has yet to be built, but they are working on it. Graziana + Corazza Architects create burnet architects.


The new project will be at 10944 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill. The important intersection is where Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road East come together.

Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose

Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose is the next part of Greenpark’s Rise & Rose project. Moreover. One, two, or three beds will be in each apartment, and the arrangements will be different. The unit size range will be from 492 to 1125 sq. feet.   The Burnet condos will be finished in September 2026.

Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose are located in Richmond Hill and have many great features.

A walk score of 85 out of 100 Getting around is easy. My location is just a 9- 9-minute drive from the Richmond Hill station on the GO train, so I am in a good position. It would be convenient, and the time of travel would be shortened because of good traffic on highways 407 and 404.



Residents are granted quick access to the Hillcrest shopping centre, which is only 13 minutes away. The Richmond Green Sports Center and the park are also only 10 10-minute drive away. The neighbourhood, in particular, has a lot of things that make it better, including schools, shops, and places to eat. There are also other ways to travel easily, like taking buses or trains. Nature lovers will have a great time at nearby parks like Crosby Park, New Berry Park, and Twickenham Park.


  • Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose have a lot of great features.
  • Out of 100, the walk score is 85.
  • It is situated at a location known as Richmond Hill.
  • It takes 9 minutes to drive to the Richmond Hill GO Station.
  • For instance, Richmond Green Sports Center and Park is just a 10-minute drive from here.
  • It would be a round trip walk of 13 minutes to Hillcrest Shopping Center.
  • Both highways 407 and 404 are closed at the moment.
  • Within a distance, there are tyres, restaurants, and schools.
  • The city movement can be done in a variety of ways that are easy to use.


Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Living with Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose


The area is located within walking distance of the two parks, namely Crosby Park and New Berry Park. In addition, Twickenham Park is just a block away. This new place is nice to live in; it has good connections and a friendly community. It’s in a city that’s growing and has lots of opportunities.


Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose: The Epitome of Excellence and Sophistication

The Burnet Condos are the first part of the Rise & Rose high-rise community and will change the skyline of Richmond Hill. Made for people who want more than just a place to live, these apartments are fancy and in a friendly neighbourhood where everything is convenient and sophisticated.


Explore the Highlights of Life at Burnet Condos at Rise & Rose

Prime Richmond Hill Location

Richmond Hill is the third biggest town in the York Region and has over 206,000 people who enjoy the mix of peaceful suburban life and city conveniences. This area is becoming very popular and the tech sector is expanding as there are more than 5000 companies in this industry alone and now more than 27000 jobs.

Walking, cycling, swimming, many of these fun outdoor activities and more can be good for ourmore,l-being.


Investment in Rise & Rose Condos gives the unmatched benefit of a premium location in Richmond Hill, a region known for rapid growth. At the corner of Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road East, these condos are in one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Development projects and a growing population predict property value appreciation in the neighbourhood.


Excellent Connectivity and Accessibility:


Rise & Rose Condos prioritize connectivity, making them a great investment for those seeking convenience and amenities. Travellers and business people benefit from easy access to central Toronto and beyond from Highway 404 and Gormley GO Station. Furthermore, the projected Yonge Subway Extension is expected to improve connectivity further, enhancing the area’s appeal.

Developer Quality and Reputation:


The Greenpark Group backs Rise & Rose Condos, ensuring quality and reliability. For over 55 years, Greenpark has built homes for over 55,000 people, establishing its reputation for excellence. Buyers and renters seeking quality and elegance choose Greenpark projects for their exceptional craftsmanship, unique design, and attention to detail.


Rise & Rose Condos by Greenpark Group are located at Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road East in Richmond Hill. They are known for offering luxurious living in a vibrant area. This new place is nice to live in; it has good connections and a friendly community. It’s in a city that’s growing and has lots of opportunities.

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