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Best 24 Real Estate Companies in Dubai

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If your queries are real estate companies in Dubai, list of real estate companies in Dubai, best real estate companies in Dubai, then I am sure your search is completed. we have created a list of the 20 best real estate companies in Dubai.

Dubai is destined to become the economic and social center of our time. Transformed from a desert into a concrete jungle, it has the potential to become the world’s next cosmopolitan center. As multinational and domestic companies continue to expand, Dubai’s environment is becoming more diverse and space more scarce, making finding the right space to do business a major challenge. Real estate companies in Dubai can be very helpful and offer some really good deals that can help you reduce your fixed costs significantly.

The best real estate companies in Dubai

Here is a list of some of the best real estate companies in Dubai that should be your first choice.

1. Rocky Real Estate

Rocky Real Estate

For the last 43 years, Rocky Real Estate has been synonymous with reliability in real estate in Dubai.

Rocky Real Estate has over 300 qualified, trained and experienced personnel who are rooted in the local market to understand the nuances & intricacies of this market.

  • 4 Decades of Reality Experience
  • 23,000+ Units rented ‘til date
  • 700+ Buildings managed and rented
  • 96% Occupancy rate for our managed portfolio of leasing units
  • AED 5 Billion worth of assets under management
  • AED 6.39 Billion worth of property sold ‘til date


Rocky real estate contact number:





2. Sbk real estate Dubai

sbk real estate dubaiVISION To be the leading Property Management Service provider across the UAE, optimizing the financial returns for our esteemed clients and ensuring the quality of stay for their tenant’s MISSION By staying ahead of the market curve, we adapt to the economic times allowing us to truly understand the needs of our clients.




3. Arenco real estate

arenco real estate
Dubai’s Leading Real Estate Developer Since 1975 … ARENCO Real Estate is one of the leading private real estate developers in the UAE

Address: 20B St – 20 B St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Arenco real estate contact number:: +971 50 725 1652

4.  Harbor real estate

Harbor Real Estate is an integrated real estate service provider offering holistic real estate services to individual and institutional clients.



5. Aston Pearl Real Estate

Aston Pearl Real EstateWith so many names to choose from in Dubai, you can be sure that there is enough competition to offer the best prices. In this regard, Aston Pearl, with its expertise in the field, is the company with the best customer service and satisfaction.

6. SPF Realty Real Estate Brokers LLC

The real estate market in Dubai is a difficult field to do business in. It is a challenge to keep up with the strong addition and demand of the market and meet the requirements of the clients. However, SPF Reality Real Estate Brokers LLC has proven to be an efficient company in the market.




7. Premier real estate broker LLC

Like other real estate brokers in Dubai, Top Class Real Estate Broker LLC also strives to offer the best deals and the most economical options to meet the growing demands of its clients.



8. Top Spot Real Estate

As the name suggests, Top Spot has successfully developed its business by offering the best real estate deals in Dubai to its clients.




9. Top Homes Real Estate

The real estate sector in Dubai has also managed to cater to domestic and residential clients along with business clients. Top Homes Real Estate Dubai was established with the aim of providing services for the sale of houses and apartments as well as for the business sector clients.




10. Dacha Real Estate

Dacha Real Estate is a well-known and trusted name in Dubai’s real estate and property sector as real estate agency in Dubai. The agents of this agency are attentive and on top of their game to understand the needs and requirements of their clients and work accordingly.




11. Metropolitan Premium Properties

Metropolitan Premium Properties specializes in commercial and residential real estate in Dubai. Whether you need an office or a single-family home. Metropolitan Premium Properties has it all covered.




12. Core UAE Associates

No list of the best real estate companies in Dubai would be complete without Core UAE Associates. The company has a good name among all real estate companies and manages to provide a high number of clients with the best and most satisfactory reviews.



13. Legacy Real Estate Brokers

Legacy Real Estate Brokers, as the name suggests, continues the legacy of offering the best prices and affordable packages. Among the real estate companies in Dubai, Legacy Real Estate Brokers is a name you can trust.




14. Oceanview real estate

Specializing in the Ocean View area in Dubai, this company has made a name for itself and has a large number of satisfied customers among all the real estate companies in Dubai.




15. Al Habtoor Properties LLC

Al Habtoor Properties is one of the top 10 real estate companies in Dubai. This real estate agent has been very successful in Dubai since 2008.




16. Hampton Real Estate

Second, on the list of top 10 real estate companies in Dubai is Hampton Properties. As a subsidiary of Emaar Properties, which is very well known in the real estate sector of Dubai, Hampton Properties is on the top of the list of real estate companies in Dubai.



17. Powerhouse properties

John O’Kelly, a well-known name in the Dubai real estate industry, has been running this company since 2005. Powerhouse Properties continues to provide better service and a growing number of satisfied customers.




18. Providence settlements

Another big name in the list of real estate companies, Provident Estates is a very famous name in the Dubai real estate brokerage market as the competition in the Dubai real estate market is increasing.




19. Kendal & Co.

As one of the most trusted names in the Dubai real estate market, Kendal and Co. have been in the industry long enough to know all the ups and downs of the Dubai real estate market. This gives them the advantage of having some of the best real estate agents.



20. Better home – real estate

This is probably one of the most experienced real estate companies on the list. Better Home Real Estate Dubai has been in business since 1986 and has seen the city come to life before its eyes and knows it inside out.




21. Vinaya Real Estate

The best real estate agent in all of Dubai is Binaya Real Estate, and with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, this Dubai real estate agent certainly has a few tricks up his sleeve.




22. Driven properties

His name represents the actual strategy of his work. This real estate agent has brought some really dynamic and new ideas to the market to get the best possible options.




23. Prestige real estate

Another trusted and satisfied name in the Dubai real estate market. The company is well established in the construction industry and real estate market and understands the business very well.




24. key1 properties

Key One Properties covers both commercial and residential sectors in Dubai and has a good knowledge of the market.

We hope that with this list of the top real estate companies in Dubai, we were able to give you a good idea of how to get the office space you want and what sources you should look for to get a better idea of the real estate in Dubai.


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