Celebrate Christmas in Goa

Why Should You Celebrate Christmas in Goa?


In Goa, the Portuguese’s four centuries of dominance left an enduring effect. Goa clearly displays a Portuguese influence in everything from the architecture to the chicken cafreal recipes and the balcao-fronted homes. The total population of Goa is made up of about one-third Catholics. In addition to this, India’s smallest state also endows you with some gorgeous beaches with golden sand and tranquil blue skies. Now picture how Goa would celebrate Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas in Goa

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Mandovi River Cruise

A Goa cruise will round off your Christmas celebration! As the Portuguese Museum and other sites pass by in silhouette, take in the beautiful Panjim city skyline and the beauty of Goa. Make sure you don’t miss any of it because Goa is a little more gorgeous during the Christmas season. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee while admiring the beautiful sunset; if you’re here with your significant other, you can even partake in a special candlelight meal.


Christmas is a fantastic time to learn about one of Goa’s most significant customs. And the residents here aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to recreate the scene of Jesus’ birth. Last year, a nearly life-sized crib that cost more than 3 lakhs was among the most popular cribs. Making cribs is evidently a significant aspect of Goa’s Christmas traditions. Around this time of year, people get together from all across the state to make cribs for the nearby chapels and churches.

Party Hopping

You can have a stimulating experience in the formerly infamous party capital of India. Even though Goa already has fantastic nightlife, now is the greatest time to take in the local music festival. You’ll start moving in no time thanks to the dubstep and thin trance beats. And we’re confident that you’ll dance to the upbeat tunes of neighbourhood bands like the jive, waltz, and fox-trot. You can attend some of the best techno and rave events in the world at Vagator and Anjuna in Goa.

Scrumptious Goan Feast

When it comes to cuisine, Goan specialties are a must-try, especially around Christmas, correctly added by a Delhi to Agra same day tour package service provider. Good meal is a necessity whether you want to spend the day at the beach with your pals or at church with your loved ones. And Goan cuisine certainly understands how to tantalise your taste buds! Enjoy a lavish Christmas meal that includes roast turkey, pork sorpotel, and a variety of grilled seafood. A Goa Christmas celebration would not be complete without the traditional fruit cake composed of wine and dry fruits. In practically every home in Goa, this is made.

Exclusive Celebration in Fontainhas

Goa’s Latin Quarter, or Fontainhas, is located within a short distance from Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It’s time to adjust your Goa trip package’s schedule if seeing Christmas in Fontainhas isn’t on it. The celebrations here are distinct from those in Goa and also highly elite. Fontainhas is a place that resembles a dream and is home to decaying antique mansions.

Midnight Mass

At the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Panjim, join a large number of people for Midnight Mass. If you’re thinking about visiting Goa around Christmas, this event, which is conducted on the steps outside the church, must be the most well-liked activity.

To be able to take in the breathtaking view of the church on Christmas Eve, make sure to arrive early and reserve your seat. It has a wonderful nativity scene set out in front and is draped in fairy lights at this time of year. Awe-inspiring in every way!

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