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The much more developed form of Lasik surgery is called Contoura Vision. It offers individuals who want to stop wearing glasses better results. With this cutting-edge method, those who are ineligible for Lasik surgery because of abnormalities in the cornea can nevertheless get satisfactory outcomes.


Most of us would prefer to forgo bulky eyewear and delicate lenses in favor of admiring the world with only our natural eyes. But in order to do so, one must have vision correction procedures, which might be fatal if done incorrectly. Therefore, we bring you this article to solve all your doubts relating to Coutoura’s vision. Continue reading to find out what is its eligibility criteria and much more.

What is contoura? – an overview

Contoura Vision is also referred to as topography-guided Lasik Surgery. It represents the most recent development in laser vision correction for the elimination of glasses. On the contrary, the Contoura method corrects corneal abnormalities in addition to improving the visual axis, whereas Lasik and SMILE procedures simply improve glasses power.


The most significant feature of Contoura Vision is that it gives the procedure a technical advantage over traditional LASIK surgery. When it comes to reshaping the cornea and correcting refractive faults in vision, earlier laser vision correction treatments have successfully given patients remarkable precision and accuracy. Contoura Vision, however, goes even further.


In this way, Contoura therapy offers finer visual results that Lasik and SMILE operations cannot deliver. The benefit of Contoura Vision is that it assists in the treatment of corneal abnormalities as well as vision-related issues. Additionally, this medication is USFDA-approved and offers more excellent safety and fewer adverse effects. This procedure is essential for removing the need for glasses or contact lenses by correcting the refractive defect. The contoura eye surgery produces a very accurate and detailed map of your eyes and markings up to 22,000 points on both eyes.


Removal techniques

Contoura Vision is FDA-approved in the US, which means it has received certification from the US Food and Drug Administration, claiming the highest degree of safety in the removal of procedures.

Additionally, Contoura Vision offers the following advantages:

  • It is not painful
  • no stitching is required
  • No shots will be given.
  • The bandage is not required.
  • There won’t be any hospitalization required.


Getting corneal irregularities eliminated

By locating 22,000 distinct elevation points on the cornea utilizing health centers, Contoura Vision can map and remove corneal irregularities. A distinguishing aspect of Contoura Vision is the elimination of Corneal abnormalities, a feature that makes it so exceptional.

The cornea’s surface has some minute imperfections and is not totally smooth.

With the use of a Topolyser, Contoura Vision is able to map these abnormalities using 22,000 different data points, then correct these flaws, giving you sharpness that is unsurpassed by any LASIK or SMILE surgery. This can provide an optically perfect smooth corneal surface, greatly enhancing visual clarity and quality.


The visual axis is treated.

LASIK and SMILE are two other procedures that concentrate on the pupillary axis, whereas Contoura Vision works with the visual axis, which is the eye’s inherent viewing axis. This therapy on the visual axis enhances visual clarity and quality even more.

Therefore, despite the fact that Lasik surgery removes the necessity for spectacles or contact lenses, Contoura vision offers superior refractive outcomes and more outstanding quality of eyesight in more patients. this is a computer-aided topographic mapping technique. The surgery is typically performed on the subtle contours of the cornea, the transparent front of the eye. The most modern, safest, and most effective procedure for correcting eyesight is topography-guided Lasik surgery.

Now, let us look at who is the ideal candidate for this surgery.

Who is eligible for contoura?

Although advanced lasers and computers can help you correct your eyesight, surgery is still required. Sometimes your health prevents you from undergoing the operation. The creators of Contoura have detailed recommendations for who should and should not have surgery. As previously stated, the Contoura procedure is a US FDA-approved technology.

It outperforms Lasik and SMILE in terms of outcomes. As a result, it is recommended by ophthalmologists and is rapidly gaining favor among patients. Typically, the ophthalmologists would examine the patient’s eyes thoroughly to see whether the Contoura vision surgery would help them improve their optical performance or repair refractive problems.

The following eligibility criteria must be met before a person can get Contoura vision eye surgery:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • The measurement of your myopia is -9.0 diopters or less.
  • Your readings for astigmatism and myopia are -8.0 and 3.0 diopters, respectively.
  • Your medication is steady.


Who are not eligible for Contoura surgery?

  • Are pregnant.
  • Are breast feeding
  • Have a compromised immune system as a result of autoimmune or cardiac disease
  • Possess keratoconus or another kind of corneal aging.
  • Suffer from extremely dry eyes.
  • Possess thin stromal beds (less than 250 microns).
  • Address persistent corneal erosions.
  • Have glaucoma that is advanced


Compared to LASIK or any other form of eye surgery, Contoura Vision offers additional benefits. Without a doubt, it is the best technique to address more eye abnormalities. But although Contoura Vision is the most advanced LASIK option available today, not everyone is a good candidate for it. Several qualifying factors, including the anatomical thickness of the cornea and the prevalence of dry eye, are still used to determine LASIK candidacy.

Many of the qualifying criteria for Contoura Vision and traditional LASIK are the same, making it accessible for those who were previously ineligible for treatment. This is due to the enhanced mapping capabilities of topography-guided LASIK.


There are not any significant adverse effects of contoura surgery. However, there are a few things to bear in mind before having Contoura’s vision. Because the eyes are such a vital organ, one should choose reputable facilities with highly qualified staff.

Visit your reliable ophthalmologists, who can carry out this surgery with excellent success. For additional information, connect with your trustable health care centers.

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