ATV In Jaipur

ATV In Jaipur: Top 10 Activities for an Enthralling Adventure!



Have you ever driven an ATV in Jaipur? If not, you’re missing out on some of the most exciting adventures you can have in India. Whether you’re just visiting or looking to settle down there, driving an ATV through the villages, deserts and forests will give you memories that last a lifetime. It’s always interesting to try something new while on vacation, so don’t miss out on one of the top 10 activities in Jaipur, book from banbanjara and enjoy.


1) ATV Rental

Renting an ATV in Jaipur lets you tour around, getting up close and personal with waterfalls, elephants, tigers, and other animals that make their home in Rajasthan. While doing so on your custom-built vehicle—that can seat four to six passengers or be used for off-roading—you get a behind-the-scenes look at wildlife parks. So what are you waiting for?


2) Go Off-Roading in Jaipur with the Best Off-Roaders

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking to give it all, or someone looking to enjoy a sightseeing tour, off-roading with ATVs in Jaipur can offer you some of the best adventure activities in town. Given its popularity, there are many companies and providers offering these services. The first step is to find one that ticks all your boxes.


3) Test Your Courage With Desert Safari

Hired your Apache, or Polaris? Then it’s time to go on a desert safari. You can have short or long trips into the arid wilderness—from half-day to multiple days, depending on how adventurous you feel. The best part about a desert safari is that you can customize it to meet your needs and comfort level. While some travelers prefer moderate adventures like camel riding and horseback riding, others want more adrenaline-inducing activities like rock climbing and rappelling down cliffs.


4) Explore the Geographical Wonders of Rajasthan on Camels

A good number of tourists make a beeline for Rajasthan as soon as they book their tickets. They are well aware of India’s famous tourist destinations and want to uncover historical gems in detail. Thus, before you leave for your holidays, take time out to go through some interesting facts about Rajasthan that will surely enthrall you and add a little more sheen to your already gleaming holiday plans.


5) Visit Haunted Places Near Jodhpur

Haunted places are always a hot favorite among thrill-seekers and spooky stories add to their popularity. If you’re going on an adventure trip to Jodhpur, make sure to visit some of these haunted places near Jodhpur and provide yourself with endless hours of entertainment. Locals often claim that encountering ghosts here is not uncommon, so be prepared to encounter some scary moments too. Check out our top picks of haunted places near Jodhpur that you must visit while in town.


6) Try Paragliding or Flying Foxes in Jaisalmer

One of my favorite activities in Jaisalmer is paragliding. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, so you’d think that flying high above a gorgeous city like Jaisalmer would be out of my comfort zone. So much so that I went back and did it again on my second trip there.


7) Shopping Through Local Markets In Bikaner

The local markets of Bikaner are not just a destination to shop, but also to witness true traditional Rajasthani charm. When in Bikaner, do not miss out on shopping through these colorful and charming local markets. However, while doing so, keep in mind that bargaining is a necessity in all Indian markets.


8) Visit Elephants atankwadi Petrol Pump in Udaipur

Elephants at Kankwadi Petrol Pump in Udaipur is one of those places that you must visit if you are in Rajasthan. These poor elephants do not get enough food, water, and shelter; they suffer under their cruel handlers, who use abusive tools to keep them under control. Tourists often stop by here while traveling on to nearby locations like Jhalawar and Udaipur.


9) Take Amritsar Train and Cruise Along The Beas River

If you are looking for some sightseeing, adventure, and activities in Amritsar then there is a place to visit which offers you all these things together. This place is the Beas river which is formed by the Beas river as it meets with the Sutlej River. Both of these rivers have been gifted by God and hence they flow like silver waves in their places. These two rivers go through different states such as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi. There are many things that can be done here which include taking a cruise along both of these rivers which will show you Amritsar properly.


10) Enjoy Elephant Polo in Bhiwadi

Polo and elephants go together like cheese and crackers. Bhiwadi in Rajasthan is home to The Elephant Polo Association of India, where you can watch elephants duke it out on a polo field. But watching isn’t even half of it. You can play, too; if you want to get in on a game yourself, all you have to do is register for a one-hour course that’ll teach you how to ride an elephant before letting you take her (him?) out onto the field with your mallet in hand.

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