What is Copy Trading

What is Copy Trading


Financial markets have been growing manifolds. The number of traders is increasing and so is the technology associated with it. These facilities are making trading more convenient and effortless for traders.

Today with the article, we’ll be analyzing copy trading. A unique way of trading in financial assets to earn good profits. Traders can use it to copy professional traders and follow their guidelines for successful trading online. So, let’s learn more about copy trading in detail and have the best of market trades.

Copy Trading

Copy trading enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy the positions open and managed by the selected professionals. It is popular among traders who have less expertise in specific markets.

Also, traders that have limited time to commit to trading can go with such trading styles.

It is a technique that comes under social trading, where one trader’s position is copied by another trader when the positions are opened or closed. Traders get the option to make it automatic or manual as per their needs.

However, traders should have their own opinion and research done before using such services.

How does Copy Trading work?

Copy trading is totally dependent on social networks and social trading systems. A trader opens a position in the market that they can broadcast to other traders in the market.

Then other traders on the network can decide whether they want to open the same position or not. Besides, there is an automated trading system that can do that without any additional input.

The traders broadcasting their positions have good experience in the underlying market. While the traders using copy trading services lack the understanding or may be new to the financial market.

The strategy of copy trading can be used in any market. Many forex traders use copy trading to make profitable trades.

Difference between Copy Trading, Social Trading, and Mirror Trading

Copy trading, mirror trading, and social trading are three different ways of trading. Mirror trading is said to be a sub-category of copy trading. Traders in mirror trading can copy a specific trading strategy. It is in the form of automated trading algorithms.

Mirror trading is fully automated like copy trading.

While social trading is another popular style of copy trading. In this, traders do not automatically copy the trade of other traders but they exchange ideas and market research with like minded traders.

It benefits the trades and their personal trading performance. However, the strategy is time-consuming and requires a good education.

FeaturesCopy TradingSocial TradingMirror Trading
Time of TradeLowModerateLow
Best ForBeginnersBeginners to Intermediate tradersBeginners
BenefitsAvoid newbie mistakesGain experience and connectionsAvoid mistakes of trading
DrawbacksDoes not provide much knowledgeShady influencers and hard to trustSuitable for a specific strategy
Legal in USYesYesYes

Benefits and Risks of Copy Trading

Trading in financial markets offers traders some benefits and some drawbacks. Here we have the pros and cons of copy trading that traders can be aware of for profitable trading.

So, let’s analyze these and make beneficial copy trades online:


  • Accessibility
  • Diversification
  • Makes trading easy
  • Helps in upskilling traders’ knowledge
  • Provides experience
  • Free time for traders
  • Money management
  • Social trading
  • Mirror trading
  • Technical analysis


  • Choosing a reliable trader is difficult
  • Markets are highly volatile which makes it challenging for traders to trust and trade
  • Execution risk if the market is illiquid


Copy trading is a great way of trading in financial markets. They can use the strategy to copy specific professional traders and make good trades. It helps them in earning profits and ensure successful trading.

However, traders should choose the traders after researching and checking traders’ history. It is important for making profitable trades. In the article, traders have a good knowledge of copy trading, how it works and the difference between copy, mirror, and social trading.

Along with all these traders can know the benefits and risks of copy trading. Thus, it will support in beneficial copy trading and improve the understanding of the readers.

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