Chitral Valley

Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley


Here we will share Top Places to Visit in Chitral Valley,

Notable Attractions in Chitral Valley, Pakistan:

The town of Chitral is located on the banks of the Chitral River at an altitude of 1,518 meters. The Shah Mosque (royal mosque), Mehsudar Castle, and the House of Chitral Khawar are the main attractions.

The valley of Garam Chashma (hot spring) offers spectacular views of orchards, fields, and snow-capped peaks. Most interesting, however, are the sulfur springs, known for their healing properties. For the convenience of tourists, “baths” have been established near the springs.

Wadi Kalash is one of the main attractions of Chitral and is inhabited by the pagan Kalash or “black clad” tribes. According to mythology, five soldiers from the army of Alexander the Great settled in Chitral and became the ancestors of the Kalash.

The Kalash woman wears a dress with black skirts in summer and hand-dyed black wool in winter. Her attractive headdress is made of black woolen fabric, decorated with shells and buttons, and trimmed with colorful feathers.

Kalash Chitral Valley:

Bordering Afghanistan, Kalash Valley is located in the northwest of Pakistan and is the most traditional part of the Chitral region. A trip to the Chitral Valley should include a visit to the Kalash Valley, especially the Bumburet, Rambur, and Bilir valleys.

The inhabitants of these valleys are Pakistanis, not Muslims. There are about 5,000 inhabitants in these three valleys. When you visit them, you will find that the people of Kalash Valley have their own culture, traditions, religion, and festivals.

You will be surprised when a Kalash woman comes up to you and greets you in her traditional way. Their dresses were very colorful and they wore these cultural costumes with pride.

When some of them leave the Kalash Valley, they present their guests with long, colorful robes as a sign of friendship and exquisite gifts.

The people of the Kalash Valley celebrate three major festivals each year: Chirumjosi in May, Uchau (autumn) and Choimas in September, each lasting two weeks around the winter solstice.

During the festivities, the traditional Karki people dance, drink, and socialize. They also worship gods and spirits and make offerings to them to make them happy. Kalash girls choose their future husbands at the Chilomjosi festival.


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First of all, you need to decide which valley you want to visit.

Bumbreath Valley:

Bumbreath is the largest commercial valley of Kalash. This place is very advanced in terms of modern facilities and attracts many local tourists.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit this place in May and enjoy the Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival.

Rumbur Valley:

Wadi Rumbur is full of small undeveloped villages north of Pomborit. It is usually full of foreign tourists. The valley is big enough to keep you busy for at least two days.

Bilir Valley:

This is the smallest peripheral valley of Kalash, located in the southern part of Bumbret. This place is not very developed and attracts few tourists throughout the year. Most importantly, See Pakistan Tours has the best packages to visit Chitral Valley.

Ayun Valley:

Located on the banks of the Chitral River, this is one of the most beautiful valleys of Chitral. This lush valley lies between the town of Chitral and the valley of Ion. It is also the gateway to the Kalash Valley.

The Chitral River and the Bamburit River converge in the Aeon Valley. The Bamburit River flows through the entire Ayung Valley. The water of this river is used for power generation, irrigation and drinking water for the Ayung villages.

The people of Wadi Ayun are very friendly and hospitable. Visit Wadi Ayun too and witness the welcome and care of the tourists. Most importantly, See Pakistan Tours has the best packages to visit Ayung Valley in Chitral. They provide the best car rental services at affordable rates. So, don’t worry and get ready for an adventurous trip with See Pakistan Tours.

Garam Chashma:

Great!!!!!!!!!!! The name sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Garam Chashma is also known for its hot springs and thermal baths. It is a beautiful valley in Chitral, located in the Hindu Kush Mountains at an altitude of 2,550 meters. It is one of the most popular destinations in Chitral and is famous for its hot springs, trout, and gemstones. This place is worth visiting for its climbing, fishing, natural hot springs, and peaceful environment.

This is another interesting fact about GARAM CHASHMA! Spring water is used as a natural remedy for skin diseases and chronic headaches. There is also a washing area where tourists can bathe in the hot springs.

You may wonder why the water in the hot springs is so hot. The reason is that there are many sulfur deposits in the ground. Sulfur raises the temperature of the water above the boiling point to about 2,600 °C.

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One of the greatest jewels in the crown of the Chitral Valley is the Bonny. Like the rest of the valley, Bonny is also a marvel and worth a visit to Chitral.

The Bonny massif has the shape of a fan, as the glacier attracts the attention of tourists. Surprises As for the educational opportunities for Indians, the city has developed significantly. The motel of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is also located here.

If you want to stay here during your vacation, See Pakistan Tours can help you. The climate in Pune is warm as the valley is directly exposed to the sun. Winters can be very cold. This place is also known for growing various vegetables, fruits and crops. Why not visit this beautiful place in Chitral this summer with See Pakistan Tours? Let’s go.

Shandur Pass:

Do you know another name for the Shandur Pass? The roof of the world”. It is the highest pass with an altitude of 3700 meters. It is located between Chitral district in KPK province and Ghizer district in Gilgit Baltistan.

It is an ideal place for adventurous travelers. The roads are narrow, steep and rough, so you should drive only in first and second gear. The best time to travel to Shandur Pass is from late April to early November. Jeeps are the best way to access this spectacular off-road location.

Every year in July, the “Shandur Polo Festival” is held in the area. In this festival, teams from Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan competed in polo competitions in Shandur Top. Therefore, Pakistan Tourism is pleased to offer you the best package for Shandur Polo Festival in July.

Tiruchi Food:

Turkish food or torch food ???? However you pronounce it, it is the highest peak in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Next to the Karakoram in the Himalayas, it is the highest mountain range in the world. It is located in the Murkov Valley in the Chitral region. The mountain range is also 7708 m high. Do you know some interesting facts about the Turkish word Mir? In Waki, Trich means darkness and Mir means king. Therefore, this name means “king of darkness”. The name also comes from the shadow cast by the Tiruchi Mir on the Wakhan side.

The average temperature in Tiruchi Mir ranges from 130°C in July to -120°C in winter. What do you think: June to July is not the best time to visit Tiruchi Mir with See Pakistani Tours. It doesn’t have to be. Last but not least, we provide the best budget travel services to the beautiful places in Chitral, including car rentals, hotels, car rentals, and local guides. Hold your breath now. Because now is the time to visit other picturesque places in Chitral Valley with Lake Pakistan Tours.

Karanbar Lake:

The beautiful Karambaru Lake is one of the highest, coldest, and clearest glacial lakes in the Alps. It is located in Brogil valley in Chitral and Ishkomen valley in Gilgit. Karanbar Lake is the second-highest lake in Pakistan, the first being Rush Lake in Gilgit-Baltistan. This lake is located at an altitude of 4,272 meters and has been found to be biologically active.

I was surprised. Why don’t you go there too? When you leave Brogil valley, you go by jeeps. After three days of trekking, we reach Kalambaru Lake. We guarantee that this adventure will be amazing.


It is hard to pronounce, but it is so beautiful!!!!! It is a very picturesque and charming place. The distance between Barmoghlasht and Chitral is 14.5 km, and it is also a building of the royal family of Chitral, which is a place of interest. The complex is located amidst lush green pastures, which adds to its beauty.

Chitral Museum:

The Chitral region in KPK is known worldwide for its traditions and culture. Chitral Museum was established to preserve the cultural heritage and fascinating landscape of Chitral. The Chitral Museum has two galleries: an ethnographic gallery and an archaeological gallery.

The ethnographic exhibition shows the way of life of the inhabitants of Chitral. Jewelry, weapons, costumes, furniture, pottery, musical instruments and many other items are part of the ethnographic exhibition.

In addition, the archaeological exhibition displays ancient cultural artefacts from Wadi Kalash. Thus, a visit to the Chitral Museum is an opportunity to explore the modern and ancient culture and heritage of Chitral.


Shah Fortress:

On the right bank of the Chitral River, near the Shah Mosque, a beautiful and majestic fortress was built. It is called Shahi Fort Chitral. This fort was built in the 14th century by Raja Nadar Shah. Although it has not been preserved in its original form, it still retains the richness of its past.

Also in 1969, Shahi Fort Chitral proclaimed the possession of the personal property of the last ruler of Chitral. Therefore, you must obtain permission before visiting Shahi Fort. But don’t worry. Our tour guides from See Pakistan Tours will be happy to help you visit the most popular places in Chitral.

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