how to increase mileage of bike

Tips how to increase mileage of bike

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You may save a ton of time by commuting daily on a bike or scooter. Additionally, if you ride a bike a great distance every day, the subject of how to extend its mileage is constantly on your mind. In this article, we will discuss Tips on How to increase mileage of bike.


It might be simple to keep your bike in good condition, ride it so that it doesn’t strain the engine, and reduce the amount of fuel it uses. In addition to being affordable, it would be quite helpful in ensuring your safety on busy Indian highways.

How to increase mileage of bike

To make your two-wheeler journey more convenient and secure, use the following advice from one of the vintage Norton motorcycle parts manufacturers. Here are 8 tips How to increase mileage of bike.


Ride Sensibly

Most importantly, drive safely. The performance of your vehicle can be negatively impacted by sudden acceleration or braking. Additionally, the technique wastes a lot of fuel. Maintaining a steady speed and gently slowing the bike will prolong the life of your vehicle and save you a substantial amount of fuel.


Refuel Your Vehicle in The Morning

The fuel maintains its denser state when the surrounding temperature is lower. The fuel begins expanding as the temperature rises in midday. As a result, getting your car refuelled in the morning will save you a tonne of money.


Use Good Quality Fuel

The oil that is higher in quality and more refined helps extend the life of your engine and improve fuel efficiency. Despite the fact that these fuels can be somewhat pricey, they are unquestionably worthwhile given the benefits they provide.


Sensible gearing

You should quickly shift into higher gears to prevent overworking the engine of your car. This can significantly improve the mileage of your bike or scooter and make the engine of your bike run more comfortably. Additionally, keep in mind that the fuel consumption of your car will increase with the speed. On third gear, a 150CC motorcycle may easily reach speeds of 55–60 kmph. Going over that speed can strain your engine and cause more fuel to be lost.


Avoid Clutch Override

It’s best to steer clear of using the clutch excessively. When not needed, this might use a lot of gasoline. By selecting the proper gears, clutch over-riding in a jam-packed traffic condition can be readily avoided.


Avoid Keeping the Engine Running Unnecessarily

When your motorcycle is parked or not in use, leaving the engine running might waste fuel. Every time there is a wait of more than 10 seconds, it is crucial to avoid the habit and turn off the ignition. Now that every two-wheeler has a self-start button, it should not be a problem to turn the engine off. Additionally, modern engines do not need to be warmed up in the cold, allowing you to drive without constantly revving your engine.


Maintaining The Right Tyre Pressure

To enhance the mileage of your scooter or bike, it is also important to maintain the tyre pressure at prescribed levels. The rider is responsible for making sure that the tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. The recommended marks of the correct tyre pressure are typically shown on tyres. Consult the owner’s manual for your bike if you want to carry more weight than is recommended. In addition to extending the life of the tyres on your two-wheeler, maintaining proper tyre pressure will also enhance the bike’s overall performance and fuel economy.


Proper Maintenance & Service

As added by one of the Velocette vintage motorcycle parts manufacturers, to keep the performance of your two-wheeler at its peak, proper bike maintenance and prompt servicing are crucial. As a result, your car’s fuel economy would also increase. In order for the gearbox and engine to operate without strain, lubrication is necessary. It is strongly advised that you have your scooter serviced as directed in your motorbike maintenance manual. Your car can be optimised to operate at maximum efficiency by changing the oil, adjusting the coolant oil level, and lubricating the chain. Get your engine fixed right away if you think it might be leaking oil.


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