types of weather

Different types of weather


When we talk about the weather we are describing the conditions in the air above the earth.  This includes the amount of wind, rain, or temperature, especially at a particular time over a particular area.


The word climate is used to describe the average weather in a place over a long period of time. there are different climate regions on Earth.  such as the polar regions, or tropical regions. in Pakistan, the weather varies depending on the season And the area. we have a continental climate. this is a climate that has big changes. in temperature during each year, with hot summers and cold winters.

kinds of weather:

weather is different in different places. it is determined by various factors such as the amount of Sunlight, air, And water in a place..

The sun determines the weather of a place by causing changes in seasons, wind, and humidity, when the air temperature changes, the weather changes, Air temperature is the intensity of the Sun’s energy that strikes the Earth’s surface because the amount of energy from the sun reaching the earth varies from day to day, and from season to season. the temperature also varies.

At any time, air temperature is different in different places around the earth. one reason is the earth’s shape. Earth is shaped like a ball. because of the earth’s ball shape, sunlight is more direct in some places and most stained in others. For example, it is most direct at the equator. The equator is an imaginary line around the earth’s middle.

Places closer to the equator than more direct light. so places like Indonesia get more direct heat from the Sun and are warmer than places to the north(Like Pakistan)   or the south. ( Australia).

Air  currents:

The land and water absorb the heat given off by the sun. the land absorbs heat then Water does. It also releases heat quicker than water does. because of this, breezes or air currents are formed.

 weather changes with changing geographical location:

In summer the weather is usually drier, warmer, and sunnier than in winter. The weather is different in different parts of the world at different times of the Year. for example, it is a lot wetter in Northern Europe, even in the summer months, than it is in the Middle East.


Earth can be divided into three zones on the basis of climate:

 Tropical zone:

The reason around the equator covers the tropical zone, the temperature of this zone is very hot, as the rays of the sun form vertically.

Temperate zone:

The reason between the tropical zone and the polar zone is called a temperate zone. the climate of this zone is mild, as the rays of the sun falling on it as slanted.

Polar zone:

The areas around the North and South poles are part of the polar zone. the climate of the zone is the coldest as the rays of the Sun falling on it are very slanted.


In conclusion, weather and climate play fundamental roles in shaping our environment and daily lives. Weather, which describes the atmospheric conditions at a particular time and place, is influenced by factors like sunlight, air, and water. The sun’s energy, Earth’s shape, and the distribution of land and water on our planet all contribute to the diversity of weather patterns we experience.

Climate, on the other hand, refers to the long-term average of weather conditions in a specific region. It characterizes the overall weather patterns over an extended period, such as decades or centuries. Different regions on Earth have distinct climate zones, including tropical, temperate, and polar zones, each defined by its unique temperature and sunlight patterns.