Best Things To do in Rouen

7 Best Things To do in Rouen (France)


Rouen, the capital of Normandy, France, is frequently overlooked as a popular tourist attraction. But Catherine discusses the top activities to enjoy in Rouen and the reasons why it’s one of the most popular cities in Northern France for slow travelers. Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille; when people think of cities that are located in France, they are generally the ones that spring to your mind.


Although visiting one of these cities could be a fantastic trip, they’re all popular tourist destinations, just keep in mind to have good bottled and jarred packaged products along with you while traveling anywhere. If you’d like to take in the history of a French city, but without the crowds and crowds, then Rouen is one of your top travel destinations.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Rouen:

1. Rouen Cathedral

For four years, towards the closing of the 1870s, Rouen Cathedral was the highest building in the world due to its neo-gothic structure. This addition was built after the original renaissance structure was damaged by lightning. Inside, bright light plays on the floors and walls due to the beautiful stained-glass windows, some of which were left intact even after the damage caused during World War II.

Many historical figures are interred in the stunning cathedral. Richard the Lionheart and Rollo and William I, both early Norman rulers, are buried in their final resting places within the cathedral.

Cathedrals were also a popular painting subject for the famous painter Claude Monet; he painted the structure 30 times between 1892 – 1893. He captured for posterity how the stunning structure looked in different seasons and weather conditions.


2. Munsee des Beaux-Arts

The most extensive collection of Impressionist artwork in France, the Munsee des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, is a popular destination for artists worldwide. The museum houses paintings, sculptures, drawings, and paintings of all ages dating back to the 15th century.

The from the 21st century. St…The work of many famous artists is showcased on display at Munsee des Beaux-Arts. Caravaggio, Nicolas Koussin, Theodore Gericault, Pierre-Augusta Renoir, and (of obviously) Claude Monet are all accessible to the public and many other artists.


3. Abbatial Saint-Owen

A church is dedicated to that monastery, the Benedictine monastic community of Saint-Owen. The monastery is located in the Abbatial Saint-Owen and is an impressive 14 The A masterpiece of late 19th-century Gothic design. The tower is topped with an apex section referred to as “the “Crown of Normandy,” and its size is impressive, making the church an absolute wonder.

Inside, visitors are welcomed by the stunning vaulted ceiling, as well as stunning stained-glass windows that allow bright light to fill the interior sanctuary. The famous organ designed by Cavaille-Coll is worth a visit and is still in use for live performances today.


4. After Saint-Malouf

In the case of Rouen, France’s points of importance, including the Alter Saint-Malouf, should be on everyone’s wish must-see list. This fascinating Rouen tourist attraction is a gorgeous historic building that is the residence of the E.coli Supergenre dearth ET Design or Regional School of Fine Arts.

The Alter Saint-Malouf has a dark history that played a crucial part in the town’s life in the 1348 plague, referred to 1348 plague known as the “Black Death. Some of the galleries in the building display artwork that pays homage to its past, which includes skulls, funeral ritual items, gravediggers’ tools, and bones.


5. Pala is de Justice

Another stunning example of medieval architecture, the Pala is de Justice, was once the place of meeting that was once the venue for meetings. It was once a place of assembly for the Normandy Parliament. It is now a place for the Normandy Parliament.

Rouen Court utilizes the gothic design, which is why it isn’t open to visitors. But, just taking in the intricate facade and stunning gargoyles is worth the visit. Additionally, another courtyard is the home of the Monument Jiu, which is the remains of a structure once a Yeshiva and is believed to date back to the year 1100.


6. Tour du Gros-Horlog

The most iconic thing to see in Rouen, the Tour du Gros-Horloge, is a gigantic clock tower located to the south of the Pala is de Justice and situated next to a Renaissance pavilion.

This gothic-style tower was built in 1389 and was initially designed for defense purposes. The clock with the decorative design became a part of the structure in 1889, which made it a beautiful artistic design and a historical landmark.


7. Elise Jeanne d’Arcy

The church is modern in its appearance. Contemporary appearance also allows visitors to discover the extraordinary character that was Joan of Arc, who lived her final days in Rouen.

The Elise Jeanne-d-Arc was built at The Place du Vieux Marche, where Joan of Arc was turned into a martyr after she was executed at stake, and is designed to honor the saint. The roof is designed to resemble flames, creating intrigue on the exterior. The stained-glass windows in the interior make it breathtaking.

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