TurboTax Error 2

Reasons, Symptoms & Solutions for TurboTax Error Code 02


Users of TurboTax may encounter error code 2 because of normal application use, which may also read, ” TurboTax error 02 can occur in several different areas of TurboTax, such as when the user is attempting to connect to the Internet to update, import financial information, or transmit a return when filing or downloading.”

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How do I Fix TurboTax Error 2?

  • If the user has a firewall installed on their computer, they should read the firewall documentation to learn how to configure it for use with the TurboTax software.
  • The firmware of a router or internet-splitting device may need to be updated. Furthermore, if the user is using DSL and a router, the router’s MTU settings must be adjusted.

How do I Fix TurboTax HSA Error:

When there is a TurboTax HSA error in the PC, it indicates that there is an issue with the IRS form presentation in TurboTax HSA. Furthermore, the error could have been caused by incorrect or extra information being entered into IRS form 8889.

The most common TurboTax HSA error conditions encountered by its users are as follows:

Why does TurboTax show an extra HSA contribution for 2019?

For an individual plan, the user and employer can each contribute $3,500 to an HSA account. A user can contribute up to $7,000 to a family plan. If you are 55 or older, you can contribute up to $1,000, for a total of $4,500 (individual) and 8,000 (family). The user is ineligible if he or she has contributed to excess but still receives the excess HSA contribution message. To determine HSA eligibility, users should read the following points:

  • Ensure that the user is enrolled in a high-deductible health plan.
  • Do not enroll in Medicare or any other secondary health insurance policy.

Advice 2: I’m getting a TurboTax error that says my spouse or I have an HSA.

Solution- If the user does not have an HSA (or enters the code W in box 12), follow the steps below to delete all HSA data:

  • To begin, the user must make a copy of the W-2 (s).
  • The user must now delete the W-2 (s).

Advice 3: I’m having trouble filling out form 8889. In TurboTax, the amounts on Line 2 of my Form 1040 and Line 9 of my Form 8889 are different. In TurboTax, I do not enter the amount of my contribution.

  • First, ’employer contributions’ refer to the total amount contributed to the HSA by both the user and the employer.
  • Second, any direct contributions made by the user to the HSA will be referred to as ‘personal contributions.’ To be clear, any payroll deduction is not considered a personal contribution by the IRS. Personal contributions will be shown on Schedule 1 Line 25; therefore, if not provided, lines 2 and 9 are correct.


  1. Why is TurboTax reporting that the user has made an excessive number of HSA contributions?

Excess HSA contributions are those that exceed the IRS’s annual contribution limit. Contributions made by themselves or their employers that exceed the limit are included.

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