diamond tennis bracelet

Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Tennis Bracelet


The tennis bracelet saga dates back more than 30 years. And this piece of jewellery has an even earlier design. The tennis bracelet is still regarded as having timeless elegance. Tennis bracelets are among the most widely worn jewellery items ever because of their adaptability and chic design. Along with eternity bands and solitaire diamond engagement rings, it is present. You can never go wrong with a diamond bracelet for women, that much is certain. Simply put, it will always be in style.


This type of bracelet gained increased international attention as a result of the incident that occurred during the match thirty years ago. All of a sudden, anyone with money wanted a diamond.


What is a diamond tennis bracelet made of?

Round, colourless diamonds placed in settings made of 18-karat white gold or platinum make up the traditional tennis bracelets. However, new tennis bracelet models have emerged throughout the year. Tennis bracelets made of 18-karat rose gold and yellow gold is now commonplace. However, jewellers also play around with the stones themselves.

How to wear a tennis bracelet?

Your choice of tennis bracelet may make or break a style. A tennis bracelet shouldn’t have any gaps in it. When one finger can fit between the bracelet and your wrist, it is the right size. One often wears a diamond tennis bracelet on the left wrist. Being right-handed, the majority of people use their left hands, which is the cause of this. With less wear, the bracelet is less prone to sustain damage. If you are a left-handed person, you might consider wearing the tennis bracelet on your right wrist.

Stack or Combine

Tennis wristbands have the advantage of being quite versatile. A single tennis bracelet is not at all unattractive. However, you may also wear several tennis bracelets at once by simply stacking them. Tennis bracelet stacks, particularly for glam events, can be the star of the show. Alternately, combine tennis bracelets of various colours.

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New Versions Of A Classic Design

Why limit ourselves to a tennis bracelet made of white diamonds? Tennis bracelets with either entirely black diamonds or a mix of black and white diamonds are also common. Tennis bracelets with brown diamonds are another preferred style. In addition to being less expensive than white diamonds, brown diamonds also look stunning when set in rose gold. Why stop there, though?


The tennis bracelet with gemstones is yet another current style. There are bracelets with a mix of diamonds and gemstones, similar to black diamonds. However, some tennis bracelets are made entirely of precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. In certain bracelets, there are several kinds like diamond evil eye bracelets. It goes without saying that we no longer refer to these gemstone bracelets as diamond tennis bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet For Men

Women typically wear diamond bracelets. Throughout history, men in positions of authority have sported a lot of diamond jewellery. However, they wore no diamond bracelets. Today, it’s still not all that common to see a man sporting a diamond bracelet. Which is odd considering the abundance of diamond jewellery available for men.


There are a lot more diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings in men’s fashion. But it seems like more and more men are totally unaware of this. However, people started wearing diamond bracelets as a new trend in fashion. Let’s face it, it looks beautiful, therefore this is great! Please be aware that there is an old saying. A man should only wear a diamond bracelet if a woman has given him one as a gift. He might get it from his mother, wife, or daughter, for instance. You can always buy one for yourself if you don’t like customs, though.