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Ramiz Raja needs to carefully handle the pressure of expectations as chairman of PCB


During coming days Ramiz Raja needs to carefully handle the pressure of expectations as chairman of PCB

International career:

He had the opportunity to play a friendly against England. His performance wasn’t impressive as he was fired in one run every inning. However, with the help of several retired Pakistani players and years of world-class cricket experience, Raja was able to secure his position in the country.

Ramies played international cricket for 13 years, played 57 test matches, averaged 31.83, and scored a goal in the 2nd century. On the One Day International stage, he played 198 games marking the 9th century. He was a member of the national team that reached the semi-finals of the 1987 World Cup and recorded the second century at the 1992 World Cup in Australia. That includes a century against New Zealand that was undefeated during that time. He was recognized as the best player for his victorious performance in his match in which Pakistan won the semi-finals of the tournament. In the final against England, Ramies had the honor of catching the world champions’ last catch in Pakistan. This was the height of his cricket career. A year after that victory, he lost his form and was thrown from the side of the country.

Obstructing the field:

Ramies became the first player in One Day International history to receive a “field handicap” in a 1987 game in Karachi against England. England recorded 263 runs on 6 wickets over 44 innings. In the case of Pakistan, Raja scored 98 runs when the last ball of the game was thrown and it took Pakistan 25 runs to win the final. During this latter period, he hit the ball and ran two runs that made him his century, but the field player’s return came near and Raja hit the ball with his racket. Knock out and “block the field”.

Late career:

He was named to the Pakistani national team and played in the 1996 World Cricket Championship. During the 1995-1996 season, he was removed by the captain after Pakistan lost its first home series to Sri Lanka. His last game in the Pakistan-friendly match was the captain of the 1996-1997 Sri Lanka tour, but the team failed to win the game during the series. He retired from all forms of cricket in 1997 and has since worked as a television commentator and administrator for both Pakistan and international cricket.


Commentary career:

Raja worked as a commentator on Test Match Specials and Sky Sports in the 2006 England Test Series against Pakistan. He was also the executive director of the Pakistan Cricket Commission but resigned in August 2004 due to growing media exposure. He comments on many national and international ICC tournaments as well as tours of the Pakistani cricket team.

Chairman of PCB:

CEO Ramiz Raja gathers at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore to get everyone’s attention while the gardener and the rest of the staff go for a walk together. He stays there for a while and stays until late at night before going to the office. This is the normal case. You expect your employees to be punctual and punctual as well. This was the leadership style of Ramiz Raja.

Ramiz Raja’s first mission at PCB was as CEO. Against this background, he had to resign due to a conflict with his duties as a commentator. Now he will take over the presidency of the PCB on September 13th. You have to be careful with the pressure of expectation. There is a big difference between the last time you took office and now. There were a handful of journalists last time, but now it’s time to dominate social media. He didn’t take on that role and his old videos have already been released. It always reminds me of what he said in the past. Selection manager Mohammad Wasim experienced similar pressure. Therefore, at the age of 36, he had to join the national team for the pacemaker Tabish Khan.

The Pakistani Prime Minister is clearly dissatisfied with the state of cricket in the country and must have made this decision after careful consideration. Ramiz raja has a high level of education. He was viewed positively around the world for his comment season. As you can see from his youtube video, he is familiar with the details of cricket. In the cricket world, he is called “Rambo”. Anyone stepping onto a PCB shouldn’t make any major changes, to begin with. It took Ehsan Mani at least a year to fire COO Subhan Ahmed. Ramiz Raja also seems to calm down before taking progressive steps.

Every team needs a leader. Wasim Khan is currently CEO and Ahsan Mani was successful because he was not a former cricketer. Due to the inclusion of Ramiz, the time could draw near when the services of Wasim Khan are no longer needed. You might want to do the work Washim Khan did himself. Many changes are to be expected in the higher-ranking offices, for example in the case of selection manager Mohammad Washim and director Nadim Khan of the National Center for High Performance. Ramiz Raja was CEO when PCB Director Media Samiul Hasan Burni was last removed from the media department.

Ramiz has commented on Ms. Bahulhak’s strategy in the past that could lead to her permanent dismissal. Ramiz Raja experienced the infamous mid-air collapse with Mohammad Yousaf, a hitting coach at the High-Performance Center in the past. He has also stood up against people convicted of corruption in the past. It will be interesting to see what changes have been made in this regard.

Because of his work as a commentator, Ramiz Raja is also viewed positively in India. He has a lot of friends in India. However, it remains to be seen whether these friendships will affect Pakistani-Indian relations. During his tenure at Ahsan Mani, the national system changed, affecting many cricketers across the country. However, since the directive comes from the Prime Minister himself, there may be nothing Ramiz can do about it. The PSL franchise and PCBs share a troubled relationship. This will be a major challenge for the next PCB president. His priority is to improve Pakistan’s performance in all three sports. I hope Ramiz Raja can maximize his skills.


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