Champions of social media humiliated on the field


Pakistan cricket is being played on social media more than grounds.

Failure of Faheem Ashraf:

Today Fahim Ashraf adapts well to this view. If a cricketer played 30 One Day International (ODI), and score 208 runs average 11, and takes 23 wickets a

n average of 44, no one would call him an all-rounder.

Our country has SUVs like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razak, and Azhar Mamood, but unfortunately, we now call Fahim Ashraf an off-road upgrade. This could be the reason for Pakistan’s recent disastrous performance. Their tails are long and none other than Hasan Ali has shown improvement.

Hassan Ali comes back:

After overcoming the injury, Hasan Ali made an incredible comeback and in addition to his punching power, he showed his skills on the ball. If you work hard you could be a great all-rounder. Other cricketers have to learn from Hasan Ali.

Shaheen Shah was doing fine but couldn’t get many UK tickets. Harris Rauff became Shoaib Akhtar before his time. You should try to perform well before engaging in acting. When Pakistan toured England two years ago, they were widely beaten by all four ODIs, giving up 340 runs in each game. Again the bowler had no effect. At this point, many questions about Wakar Unis’ performance need to be overshadowed. How many bowling pins has he prepared? Before the series, we talked about how lucky Pakistan is to play against a team that doesn’t have the luxury of its best players. This time the whole English side suddenly changed.

Failure of Harris Rauf:

Legendary former Pakistani batsman Inzamam ul Haq questioned the influence of bowling coach Wakar Unis when he spoke about the lack of improvement in pacemaker Harris Rauf on a YouTube video on Wednesday.

The 51-year-old believed that the ingestion of four wickets Harris made in his third ODI with England would not do the team any good if the pitcher accelerated many runs.

“Harris Rauf took four front doors but I’m not talking about it. Taking four innings after giving more than 70 runs doesn’t do the team any good. For them, coaches like Waqar Younis have a lot of experience sitting outside, and so do I don’t do it I don’t understand what doesn’t improve. That’s something to think about, “Inzamam said.

Former thugs also believed pacemaker Shaheen Shah needed to add variety to his arsenal to keep him from being revealed to his opponents.

“Shaheen is a good bowler. He has performed well in the past. I think he needs to add a little variety to his bowling alley or there is a risk of it being noticed. He is an excellent young bowler. He can do Pakistan for a long time Take a point of view but if he doesn’t learn his game and make a difference it will be easier for others to play against him. Bowler I didn’t expect cricketers to play the 145plus so easily, we would definitely feel like there are some downsides here, “he said.

Inzamam believed the bowling units would have to be increased to keep the total.

“Generally the World Cup is imminent. We survived in South Africa because our first order went well. We were a little lucky to win the series. What are we? The problem I often face is that the middle order doesn’t work. ” and the bowling depth not only lasts over 300 total. The team can be less than 240 years old. You have to defend it too. Makes a good bowling attack and showing depth, but I haven’t seen a bowling attack that works lately, “he says. I did.

Pakistan VS England series:

0-3 the cast of England seemed on the horizon. The PCB may have already prepared congratulatory messages from CEO Wasim Khan and President Ehsan Mani. We think something has happened now that couldn’t have happened in the last 46 years and Pakistan will finally win the ODI series in the UK. But we’ve heard of Pakistan’s unpredictability since we were children. You can win the world champion one day, but you won’t lose against Zimbabwe until the next game. There are so many captains and players who come and go, but the names remain the same.

The organization of an ongoing series was essential for England. If he hadn’t gone any further, they would have suffered a great loss. Therefore, the ECB quickly put together another team when one of them was hit by the Covid-19 epidemic. Ben Stokes, recovering from his injury, was called from home and assigned to a captain. The nine players on the new team have yet to make their ODI debut in England. Maybe the cricketers were just as excited as we were, thinking they were going to run around the new opponents. However, these cricketers were brought back to Earth after being overwhelmed by the first ODI.

Saqib Mahmood has proven himself in the PSL Karachi stage. He broke Pakistan’s back after taking four wickets at the head of the order. Pakistan’s first situation continues. Imamul Haq’s performance is inconsistent. He made two impressive shots in South Africa but lost all confidence in the PSL. Fakhar Zaman couldn’t play a natural game because the front doors kept falling on the other side. Babar Azam failed in both ODI. If the team continues to lose, Babar’s beating can also be affected. It is alarming that it is collapsing in World Cup year. Mohammad Rizwan also contributed to Pakistan’s most recent victory. Unfortunately, he is sick in England too. Pakistan relies heavily on Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. Sohaib Maqsood has to get out of his PSL performance. This is ODI Cricket and T20. Instead of hitting a 6 or two and then walking back to the cabin, consider playing a longer inning.

Our approach is very different from other teams. After losing a speed window or two, enter the shell. This will ensure that no race occurs as the entrance doors continue to sink as the pressure increases. Other teams push bids to win races.

Shadab Khan Failure:

The performance of Deputy Captain Shadab Khan has also contributed to Pakistan’s troubles. He could afford it when he returned from an injury, but that didn’t take long. You have to play with both the bat and the ball.

Pakistani cricket is played on social media for more than one reason. Although the on-site performance is zero, the team is portrayed as world champions on social media. The real purpose is to win the game on the ground. If the team loses to Zimbabwe or England, they cannot save themselves from criticism. Our CEO should stop working in a UK home.

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