Amir, Imad decline PCB central contracts

Amir, Imad decline PCB central contracts


Left-handed Amir is unhappy with his previous PCB leadership, which has chosen not to play in Pakistan until the Ehsan Mani-led government is inaugurated. Mani is gone – former test captain, Ramiz Raja has been replaced by the new PCB president – Amir’s refusal to accept the deal seems confusing. In a surprising decision in July 2019, the 29-year-old pacemaker announced his retirement from test cricket after 36 games and declared in December 2020 that he was no longer an option in international cricket. He last represented Pakistan in August 2020 when he played against England in Manchester at T20 International.

Imad decline central contract:

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Imad, who only plays in Pakistan for Limited Overs International, has already told PCB that he is not interested in signing a core deal. The left-hander, who hits the racket in the second half of the middle, last appeared in the Pakistani international match against England in the Manchester T20 in July.

Therefore, 191 of the 192 players who represented the six cricket federations were offered contracts, including Amir. After Amir’s exclusion, the number of signed players will be reduced to 190.

Meanwhile, pacemaker Wahab Riaz and former Pakistani goalie/hitter Kamran Akmal are also interested in event-based contracts instead of year-round contracts.

Batter Umar Akmal’s name could be missing as he did not play last season due to disciplinary suspension with his right hand. And now the 31-year-old, who will play next season, can claim a place in the squad based on his performance.

The six cricket associations referred to the names of 32 players each from a total of 40 players in the core contract.

Ramiz Raja, the new chairman of PCB, has also increased the monthly allowance of Rs 100,000 for the five contract categories.

This increase will bring the budget for this account to 10.90 million rupees per month.

Central contract:

After the President of the Pakistani Cricket Commission, Ramiz Raja, announced that he would increase the national contract holders in all five categories by 100,000 rupees, the Cricket Commission was offered 191 (actually) upgraded athletes. He confirmed the list of 190 people (excluding Amir). A package of six senior events in 157 games from September 15 to September 30.

The announcement is that 10 category A + players will receive 250,000 rupees each month, followed by 40 category A cricketers with 185,000 rupees and 40 category B players with 175,000 rupees each. Each means you will get Rs 165,000. Rs 140,000 for 64 Category C players or 37 Category D players.

“Retainers will be added to the game fee and daily allowance. National cricketers will receive prize money and accommodation, food and travel fees organized by the PCB for the six and a half months of cricket,” the statement said.

“Therefore, Category A + players can earn up to 5 million rupees in each game, while Category D players who show talent and form throughout the season can earn up to 3.75 million rupees per game.

“Among the 191 cricketers who offered national contracts between 2021 and 22 are 20 cricketers from the most recent 2-day CCA tournament.

Twenty players who make it through the two-day CCA tournament are Abdul Hanan (Kira Abdullah), Ahutab Ahmed (Lorarai), Fahadhussein (Jafarabad), Mohammad Idris (Quetta), Mohammad Jabed (Pishin), and Sanura. (Lorarai), includes Saeed. Zainullah and Tariq Jameel, all from Balochistan.

The Central Punjab players on the list are Hashy Buul Lehmann (Lahore), Mohammad Ilfan Jr. (Shehupra), Mohammad Tabrias (Sialkot), and Mohammad Waheed (Lahore). The three players of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Mohammad Ibrahim (Swabi), Wakal Ahmad (Lower Deal), Yasir Khan (Bannu), Sindh’s Kuzma bin Tambia (Karachi), Mustak Ahmed Kalhoro (Sukkur)), Junaid Illyas (Karachi) Raza (Faisalabad ) in Mohammad Shrun Shiraji (Sahiwal) in North and South Punjab complete the census.

2020 PCB National Cricket Award winner Kamran Ghulam and test member Sajid Javid, a weirdo, continued their policy of rewarding last season’s best players, switching from C to A +.

Kamran broke the 36-year-old record for the most runs in world-class Quaid Air Zam Trophy tournaments with 1,217 points last season. Meanwhile, Khyber Pakhtunqua’s teammate Sajid was the most successful bowler on 67 wickets. With an average of 25.09.

“We have confirmed to the PCB that many of the leading international cricketers prefer event-based contracts over seasonal contracts,” the PCB said.

Well-educated people but they still behave like ignorants:

Former Pakistani sailor Mohammad Amir has blamed the Pakistan Cricket Commission (PCB) for offering him a national contract. PCB has nominated Amir in category A of the list of national players signed for the next season.

However, the retired cricketer turned down the contract and is dissatisfied with the board’s idea. Amir surprised the Brotherhood by announcing his retirement from international cricket in December 2020. He cited the bad relationship between the board and management behind the move.

Amir said there was no point in playing a national game as he was not involved in international cricket. A 29-year-old woman described people in the PCB field as “ignorant”.

However, Amir reportedly announced that Selector was ready to retire before announcing the Pakistan World T20 team. But there was no room for his trade fair in the United Arab Emirates.


I enjoy league cricket and spend the rest of my time with my family: Mohammad Amir:

Amir advised the PCB to put a promising young cricketer on a contract. He said he played league cricket peacefully and had a good time with his family. He said:

According to him, the board wants to control him by offering him a contract. “I don’t want to face disk restrictions with the introduction of RS185.000,” he added.

The left-handed pacemaker said he didn’t choose to play the home season. He suggested that the board should offer young cricketers contracts to support their families.

Also, the Karachi Kings pacemaker said he would be spending time with his family in England after the current Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

Amir has appeared in 36 tests, 61 ODI and 50 T20I. As a teenager, he was a high-profile swing bowler. His career has never been the same after returning from the 2015 match-fixing ban.

The 29-year-old played an important role in winning the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in 2017. His last game was against England in December 2020.

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